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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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ULTRAMAG Editorial - December 1999

ULTRAMAG Editorial - December 1999

Written by Kev Cassidy
Those of you who subscribe to the Australian version of Runners World would have been pleased to see the article on the incomparable Graham "Mountain Man" Kerruish, also in the same magazine was a beautiful photo on pages 6 and 7 of Cradle Mountain. If you haven't yet tackled the Cradle Mountain run then this photo should inspire you to make the trip to Tasmania as soon as possible.

Overseas we had Tim Sloan taking fourth place outright in the US 100km Championships, Yiannis Kouros winning the US 24 hour Championships and the usual group of Sydney Striders running at the Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

At the time of writing, the Colac Six Day Race is being conducted for the last time, it is a shame to see an event with such a long and unique history disappear from the calendar. Another event that may also disappear is the 24/48 hour event in Maryborough [Qld], I was fortunate enough top be at the Maryborough event this year and I thought it was very well organised, particularly when you consider that a small town like Maryborough is not flushed with state of the art facilities.

I was recently doing "point duty" at the Melbourne Marathon and it was good to see several old ultranuts still having a run. Ron Hill, Brickley Hepburn, Jeff Visser and Bob Fickel [although a little slower these days] were just some of the familiar old faces that I saw.

For those of you who have had your head in the sand, there are a number of runners running either around, across or all over Australia. Pat Farmer and Gary Parsons are both getting publicity but we have recently heard that John Moyle is doing something similar and Frenchman, Serge Girard, has just completed a Perth to Sydney run. These runners have accomplished incredible achievements doing things that capture the imagination of the non running public which is great for the sport of Ultrarunning. As a purist [conservative, maybe] I must say that I have somewhat of a problem with the way in which the term "world record" is flippantly applied to the various self appointed categories that seem to emerge in solo runs. Both John and Gary are claiming world records for the longest distance run which makes me wonder what ever happened to Englishman, Robert Garside, who ran into Adelaide in November 1998 claiming the same record on route to a planned 68,000km which was to finish in 2001. Has anyone heard of Robert in the past 12 months?

I had a chance meeting with Gordon Burrowes at the local swimming pool a few days ago and he had been following both Gary and Pat with his computer and he has given me an interesting comparison on their respective runs that appears in this issue.

When it comes to putting this magazine together, alzheimers and old age are really setting in. At Dot Browne's place last week I decided that I had better get my glasses because I was having trouble reading, only to discover that I had locked both my glasses and car keys in the car. "Have you got a coat hangar, Dot?" I asked. "Sure" she replied as she pulled a coat of the rack and promptly placed the coat hangar on the chair and handed me the coat !!! How on earth do you break into a car with a coat ???

Kevin Cassidy
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