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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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ULTRAMAG Editorial - September 1999

ULTRAMAG Editorial - September 1999

Written by Kev Cassidy
Just in case you haven't heard, the biggest new in the ultra world is the situation at the IAU. Basically, the scene is that the members of the technical committee have all resigned which logically means that there is now no technical committee!! What happens now still remains to be seen. Equally as sad is the demise of the Royal National Park ultra, this popular event has been on the calendar since 1990 as either a 50 miler or, more recently, a 50km. It seems that the authorities responsible for the park have listed a number of conditions that must be met in order for the race to go ahead, the conditions are such that the organisers have no hope of meeting them. Cancelled races are a real downer for the sport and two other events are going to disappear next year if new race directors can't be found, the events are the Bogong to Hotham and Maroondah Dam Trail As it is now winter, things on the ultra scene are a little quiet but there are a few new things in the pipeline. It now seems as though a plan to stage a 1,000 mile track race in Ballarat will go ahead under the sponsorship of their annual Begonia Festival, the race is planned for the last week of February and the first week of March 2000, a date that is close to the Nanango 1,000 mile World Championships so it remains to be seen as to exactly what affect these events will have on each other. Also in February next year, the 20th to be exact, will be the Australian 100km Championships which will be incorporated into the run leg of the Sri Chinmoy Ultra Triathlon in Canberra.

In this edition you will find a profile of a year in the life of Kelvin Marshall. The super human Kelvin seems to be able to churn out top class ultras as regularly as a politician rorting his travel expenses. Also, we have featured a press report about Queenslands Nicole Carroll, Nicole is well known as Australia's second fastest female marathoner behind Lisa Ondieki but she has a special connection with AURA because she has not arrived as a marathon runner in the traditional fashion of moving up from 5kms and 10kms, Nicole made her start in ultras and represented Australia over 100km back in the early 90s before finding her niche at the standard 42km marathon.

I managed to take myself down to a local Half Marathon recently and it was here that 2 old ultra heads re-emerged, Alan Witt fronted up for the 5km after surgery and staggered through in 28 minutes while Kon Butko [a real blast from the past] lined up for the Half Marathon where he managed to run over the top of me in the second half.

With AURA now in its 15th year, it is still the same few people at the helm, people who are not completely ignorant of the "That Victorian mob" comments that sometimes surface. The fact is that elections are held each year and no one else seems to want to put their hands up, while those still on the committee [Dot and Geoff, in particular] feel that they are getting stale and losing interest. With the modern forms of communication these days, there is no reason why the committee can't consist of a mix of members from all over the country. May next year is the next AGM so if you wish to make your mark on the sport of Ultrarunning then put your hand up and nominate.

I could not finish this editorial without a word about the incomparable Dot Browne. Now Dot may be well known as a tireless worker and administrator but she certainly has a fault or two. Dot's neighbours recently went on holidays and trusted Dot to look after their pet guinea pig, upon which the guinea pig promptly died !!!!!! Rumour has it that Dot's long suffering husband, Col, now sleeps with one eye open..........

Kevin Cassidy
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