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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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ULTRAMAG Editorial - December 2001

ULTRAMAG Editorial - December 2001

Written by Kev Cassidy

Modern technology well and truly entered the ultra world with the Colac Six Day event being beamed live across the internet via "Web Cam". Those with the facility to view the daily footage would fully appreciate how the technological world is going to benefit the sport Ultramarathon Running. Colac has had some ups and downs over the years with this event but the future is certainly looking good right now.

The terrorist attacks on New York have been felt by everyone and it is fair to say that the world is now a much different place. As a result of these attacks, The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team decided to cancel all their events for the remainder of the year as a mark of respect for the deceased persons and their loved ones. This, of course, meant the sudden cancellation of the Australian 24 hour Championship scheduled for October in Adelaide. This was the second cancellation in three years and some debate has been sparked about the status of the Australian Title. Unfortunately we look like having no 2001 Champions, however some discussion has been taking place about having the 2001 Championship moved to the Coburg event in April 2002 !!!!!! This is not as silly as it sounds. Back in 1976, The Australian Open Tennis Championships were contested twice in the same year [January and December] as the Tennis Association went about changing their future dates. What comes of this proposal remains to be seen at this stage

Here in Victoria, Paul Ashton has taken the initiative to introduce a series of runs along similar lines to the successful Fat Ass series in NSW. Known as "Trail Running Victoria", Paul has a program of runs that appear in this issue.

The number of people submitting personal profiles has started to dry up. If you wish to see yourself in print, simply fill out the profile form in this issue. It is always of interest to learn about the non running hobbies and pursuits of fellow ultra runners.

In what is now becoming a regular occurrence, the incomparable and truly amazing Shirley Young has set two more new world records in her age group [W70] at the recent Moe 6 hour/50km event [results in this issue]. Something else you may not know about Shirley is that she is a member of a small groups of runners who have started and finished in every Melbourne Marathon since its inaugural running in 1978 !!!!!!

I caught up with another of our world class ultra runners in Lavinia Petrie at a local fun run. Lavinia tells me that as a navigator, she makes a very good runner. Competing at the 4 peaks mountain events, Lavinia got hopelessly lost in the early stages of an event she has done on 14 consecutive years !!!!!!! Maybe a map and compass next year, Lavinia????

Kevin Cassidy
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