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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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ULTRAMAG Editorial - June 2002

ULTRAMAG Editorial - June 2002

Written by Kev Cassidy

One of the questions that gets thrown up from a variety of sources every so often is "What would our top marathon runners be capable of if they stepped up to Ultra's"? An answer to this question came at the Canberra 50km event in April when one of our World Championship marathon representatives toed the line. Magnus Michelson ran a time of 3:02, welcome to the world of ultras, Magnus, and hopefully we will see more of you. Some may remember Magnus' father, Lief, who was a top marathon and 50 mile competitor during the 80?s

The Coburg 24 Hour Carnival in April was a huge success. Over 50 competitors had entered a variety of events that consisted of 6, 12 and 24 hours as well as the Centurion Walk. So large was the field that two separate 6 hour events had to be run during the 24 hour period. The Coburg Club has well and truly established a top class event that attracts entrants from all over Australia as well as the odd one or two from overseas. They deserve added praise for the fact that no one at the club is from an ultra background, they simply saw the need to keep the event on the calendar when it looked like dying 9 years ago.

With the Coburg event going from strength to strength, it is a bit of a mystery as to why the AURA 50 mile track event has struggled to attract runners in recent times. Sadly, the event was cancelled for 2002 but organiser, John Harper, is looking at a possible date change and a few other ways to promote the event.

Tony Rafferty is a regular contributor to Ultramag and he has certainly excelled in this issue with a fantastic piece of journalism featuring Peter Pfister. Peter has been running and crewing at events for almost 20 years and has rubbed shoulders with the best. Tony caught up with him upon his return from crewing in the Simpson Desert Challenge.

As per usual, a swag of Australians are heading to the Comrades Marathon in South Africa and on June 21st, the 100km World Cup will be held in Torhout, Belgium where Australia will be represented by Tim Sloan, Adam Barron and Warren Holst. Good luck to all.

Meanwhile, this issue is a little earlier than usual .... Well, basically, a cold Melbourne winter is knocking on the door and I am running away to a more northerly climate for a few weeks.

Kevin Cassidy
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