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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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ULTRAMAG Editorial - June 2003

ULTRAMAG Editorial - June 2003

Written by Kev Cassidy

Ok, so who picked our mistake last issue? Yes, we have to admit to publishing some results that contained the wrong gender beside someone's name. The Colac Six Day results in the March Issue listed Robyn Davis as a female with the distinctive [F] next to his name while also leaving out the [F] that should have been next to Julie Schrag's name. We can assure you that Robyn is very much a male. We are not exactly sure how this gremlin crept into the system but we do profusely apologise to both Robyn and Julie. Obviously, greater vigilance on such matters will be needed in the future.

It is hard to believe that 20 years have elapsed since Cliff Young captured the headlines with his win in the first Sydney to Melbourne Race and this issue has a number of feature articles on Cliff's 1983 epic. Back in the present, the new Melbourne Trailwalker was a huge success with several hundred entrants, many of whom were tackling an ultra for the first time while up in Sydney, the Six Foot Track just keeps getting bigger and bigger with approximately 600 runners this year. I am not sure what their secret is but it would be great to see such numbers at all ultra's.

At the recent AGM which was held in the boardroom of the Athletics Australia offices, Stan Miskin and Shirley Young [both in their 70's] proved that age was no barrier by winning the Point Score trophies for 2002 while the obvious choice for the Ultrarunner of the Year Award was Yiannis Kouros. Yiannis has been basically unbeatable anywhere in the world since he burst onto the ultra scene back in 1984. The presentation of this award to Yiannis even had the local press in attendance. The inaugural presentation of the "Bryan Smith Memorial Award" for services to Ultrarunning saw Janet Smith present the trophy to Fred Brooks. Fred sure was humbled to say the least. Fred took on the mammoth job of bringing our rankings and records up to scratch and he has devoted many hours to the task of ratifying records in all age groups, issuing certificates and plaques and following up all results and record claims. Fred has gone about this awesome task with much professionalism and great attention to detail.

While we are all aware of the achievements of Yiannis Kouros, we have only just discovered that another Ultrarunning legend has been in our midst for quite a while. Bob De La Motte has been a resident of Perth since 1987. In the early 80's, Bob was a regular and top class runner in South Africa's Comrades Marathon, arguably the most competitive and prestigious ultra in the world. In finishing second to Bruce Fordyce one year, Bob earned the title of being the fastest runner never to have won Comrades [which still stands]. Bob will be featured in profile in future issues of "Ultramag"..

Finally, with many thanks to Kevin Tiller, AURA has well and truly jumped into the modern world by now offering on line memberships. Just go to www.join.ultraoz.com and follow the links

Kevin Cassidy
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