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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Glasshouse Mountain Trail Runs - Elevation Information

Glasshouse Mountain Trail Runs - Elevation Information

Tony Howes Reports :

I have recently bought the two 1:25000 topographical maps that cover the Glasshouse trail run, and from these have estimates of the climbs from checkpoint to checkpoint. Please feel free to use them as you wish. I will use these (with distance information) to judge how long I might take to get from one aid station to the next - others may like to as well.

Checkpoint		Elevation (m)	total climb to next checkpoint (m)

Base			35			25
1			25			85
2			45			235
2a			280			0
2			45			65
3			50			75
4			65			175
5			165			170
6			180			70
7			145			105
6			180			120
5			165			255
8			185*			180
5			165			60
1			25			35
Base			35

* I have assumed that this checkpoint is on the high-point of the main road to Mt. Beewah. If this point is actually to the East of the high-point, the overall climbs will not be affected, but the actual checkpoint height will be less.

Total climb:
50mile loop: 	1655m
2nd loop:		1420m
100mile total:	3075m ascent (just over 10000 feet).
Tony Howes
Fluids and Particles Group,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Queensland, St. Lucia 4072

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