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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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May 1998 - Glasshouse Trail Run - 54km

3 May 1998 - Glasshouse Trail Run - 54km

by Tony Howes


Name                Time
Ken Stacey  M36        3:45
Graham Medill M50      3:57
Gary Parsons M48       4:12
Colin Archibald M39    4:18
Tony Howes M35         4:20
Ron Braatvedt M47      4:25
Bruce Hargreaves M*45  4:30
Walter Kelemen M       4:36
Simon Thompson 27M     4:48
Betty Menzies 54F      4:49
Bruce Smerdon 43M      4:49
Rainer Neumann 51M     4:49
John Fowler 58M        4:58
Rob Burns 54M          5:26
Don Griffin 48M        5:31
Mal Haskins 26M        6:15
William Thompson 54M   6:34
Melanie Jonkers 40F    7:13
Kerrie Hall 37F        7:13

A brief report

After the heat of summer it was great to see cool, damp weather for the run, although the organiser, Ian Javes, decided that some of the hillier sections (including the notorious 'Goat Track') were too muddy and the course was modified at the last minute. The course was run from the Lookout, with a 'baby loop' of a couple of kilometres (in the dark) followed by two longer loops, almost all on pleasant trails through forest, with great views of the Glasshouse mountains.

The event was organised in a very relaxed manner - the smell of BBQ cooking awaited finishers, and there was lots of local fruit on offer. Picking up the finishing mug from the back of (I assume) Ian's Ute summed it up. A major topic of conversation was the upcoming Comrades Marathon, with (at least) 5 of the runners off to SA for this race. Good luck, and thanks to Ian and all of the volunteers.

I enjoyed my own run, which has whetted my appetite for jumping into the unknown of the 100miler in September. If anyone is thinking of coming over (or up) for this run, please get in touch.

by Tony Howes (tonyh@cheque.uq.edu.au)

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