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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Glasshouse 100 Miles - Photos from 2002

Glasshouse 100 Miles - Photos from 2002

Photos donated by: Sean Greenhill

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Start, 5am Saturday. From left- Kelvin Marshall, Brian Evans (I think), Kieron Thompson, Graham Medill, Carol La Plant, Tony Howes (I think), Kerrie Hall, David McKinnon, John Lindsay, Lyn Lewis, Philippa Bolt, Roger Guard (tying laces), Ian Wright, Jan Herrmann, Sean Greenhill, Lawrence Mead.

Halfway, 5pm Saturday. Lawrence and I don't look too bad so far. I claim the "best chest hair" award.

Coming back from Mt Beerwah, 6.20am Sunday. 148km under the belt. Hey, I can still run!

Checkpoint 5, 6.25am Sunday. That 148km is really telling...

Leaving checkpoint 5, 6.30am Sunday. 13km to go! Lawrence has his makeshift walking poles and I'm trying to finish a slice of pizza...


What your feet can look like after running 100 miles.

Fast recovery thanks to Guinness. From left- Jan Herrmann, Bill Thompson (2 minutes after he finished), and the Sydney Striders connection- Sean Greenhill and Kelvin Marshall.

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