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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Sept 2002 - 100 mile Reflections

Sept 2002 - 100 mile Reflections

by Ian Wright

I had sore calf muscles for 4 days afterwards and one of my shoe laces seems to have sawed into a tendon on the top of my foot so I am still limping.

I would have to say though, that the Katoomba - Mittagong thing left me in a much worse state. K-M gave a salutory warning about the blister problem, so I spent probably an hour in the first half of GlassHouse messing about with my feet and during the night I was OK. (I eventually removed the tape from all areas that had been pre-taped. I lathered the feet in copious amounts of vaseline. Washed feet & changed socks at 80 Km. As the feet swelled by about 30k I removed the inserts from the shoes, which removed pressure from the toes.)

The heat was hard to deal with between about 11 am and 3:30 pm but fortunately I didn't get distressed. Normally I would run with a small "Camelback" type of pack, but even this seemed to reduce cooling through the back so I swapped to a waist belt / bottle. Throughout, I ran with only one 660 ml bottle - filled with half water & half sports drink supplied at the aid stations - but drank probably 700 ml of water, tea or soft drink at each aid station. I also kept a wet tea-towel around my head & neck, Yasser style, when it was really bad.

The aid stations were very well supplied for my tastes. If I did the event again I wouldn't use any drop bags apart from some spare clothing & torches at checkpoint 5.

In terms of food: can of creamed rice for breakfast; another at half way, then just grazed on whatever was available. At night I mainly ate sausage & tomato sauce sandwiches and cold potatoes with a lot of salt.

Saw three snakes at night: One large python eating a toad and two nasties.

You need to be alert the whole way to avoid taking a wrong turn. Some intersections were very well marked but others were tricky especially at night. I made one 5 minute mistake in the heat of the day then because I was being really careful and looking at the map all the time, I missed another well marked junction and wasted another 20 minutes.

Running at night, the time seemed to go much quicker, probably because I was concentrating more. Didn't have any really bad spots at night though I started to get drowsy around 125 km which was cured with a cup of tea and some cola.

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