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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Glasshouse 100 Miles - Photos from 2003

Glasshouse 100 Miles - Photos from 2003

Photos donated by: Lisa Smith

If anyone would like super large versions of any photo please email me stating which one and I will email it.
Click on thumbnail to get full size photo

Walter & Kieron towards Beerwah

A killer hill

Ian Javes-having a beer-CP8

Rodney returning to CP8


Sean-head down-finishing

Sean nearing the finish

Sean reaching the finish

Sean-face shot

Sean drinking more beer-CP8

Sean drinking beer-CP8

Sean heading to CP7

Sean heading towards CP7

Sean approaching Beerburrum

Sean taking a sip on Beerburrum

Sean-top of Beerburrum

Sean heading into CP4

Sean approaching CP4

rodney & sean reaching CP8

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