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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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1998 Glasshouse 100 Mile Trail Run

1998 Glasshouse 100 Mile Trail Run

by Kevin Cassidy
I walked my 4th ultra event in a time that exceeded my wildest This was the only event on the calendar that managed to drag me out of a six month retirement for the simple reason that it was Australia's only 100 mile trail race. I have travelled to three different Queensland events over the years and the hospitality extended to visitors is always fantastic, back in my footloose and fancy free days of 1985 I almost relocated myself to Brisbane.

It is always a little difficult to report on a race when you have DNF'd but to sum it all up, a number of old war wounds that had caught up with me over the years decided to resurface and dropping out after only one loop of the two loop course was not a terribly hard decision, with the way my back was aching the next morning, I was glad that I did not attempt the second loop. I hope that I have the good sense to see the early warning signs and well and truly retire from the long races before I end up with any permanent injury. O.K., no more negative talk.

The Glasshouse Trail events encompass several races of varying distances, 100 miles, 50 miles, 52km and a 100 mile relay as well as two shorter races on the Sunday morning of 27km and 12km respectively, all in all there were about 200 people present at the awards ceremony. The 100 mile race had 12 starters and four finishers and as I don't have any results yet all I can do is report from memory. First was Graham Medill in 23 hours plus followed by Kelvin Marshall in 25 hours plus with the experienced Carol Laplant from the US in around 29 hours, fourth to finish was the gutsy and determined Kerrie Hall in a shade over 30 hours.

Race Director, Ian Javes, puts his heart and soul into this event and is committed to it's long term future. If you are looking for something more than the 50km trail races that are so common, or maybe you are thinking of tackling one of the American 100's, then this race is definately for you.

Everyone sat down for the traditional post-race feed at the sports club before the awards ceremony got under way, I was propping up the bar consuming numerous "Diet Cokes" while talking to Bruce Cook when I was surprised to hear my name announced as a 50 mile finisher when, in my opinion, I was a 100 mile DNF. By this stage a group of girls from the 12km event had been warming themselves up with a few rums and were getting a bit tipsy, their rendition of "Advance Australia Fare" proved that as singers, they made very good runners. I was giving as good as I get by telling all those Queenslanders how we Victorians live in a superior state when suddenly we got news of the gas crisis, I sure was backpedalling with an awfull lot of egg on my face!!!!!

The short journey back to Brisbane was interesting, up in Queensland they don't use the term "Street Directory", instead they say "Refidex" [god only knows where this word came from]. There must have been some gremlins in the air because over the next two days, I managed to climb into the Caravan Park shower with out any fresh clothes to put on and then proceeded to lose my Visa Card at an ATM which caused me all sorts of problems.

Eventually I returned to the airport where they always insist on treating everybody like a complete idiot. Prior to boarding, I am handed a pass that clearly states that my seat is 21 C. So why then, when you board the plane, does the Flight Attendant check your pass and announce to you loudly that you are in seat 21 C ? Maybe I have the word imbecile printed on my forehead.

As per usual, whenever I travel I always have a young baby occupying the seat in front of me who just loves to play peek-a-boo, and they never get sick of the game, in the end you feel like screaming at them "I am the Devil and I am going to eat you"

Kevin Cassidy

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