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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Glasshouse Mountain Trail Runs

Glasshouse Mountain Trail Runs

28 September 1997
This year's Glasshouse Trail Runs (100 miles, 106km, 58km, 25km and 10km) saw a wide variety of competitors compete across the whole weekend across a range of temperatures from hot and humid to just plain humid !

Held in the beauty of the Glasshouse Mountains, an hour north of Brisbane, all runners were led around an excellently marked course with superb aid stations.

All credit is due to Ian Javes, the course director who was mightily pleased that he had some finishers in the flagship event (100 miles) after last year's effort where all the 100 mile competitors dropped out.

Not only that but there was a male AND female finisher and what better than for the female to be a far-travelled USA trail running specialist (Janine DuPlessis). rival.

100 miles Results

Position Name Time
1Graham Medill22:46
2Janine DuPlessis23:52
3Bill Thompson29:40

106km Results

Position Name Time
1Wayne Walker13:34
2Bob Burns17:22
3Geoff Wiliam19:10
=Kerrie Hall19:10 (walked)
5Natalie Jacques26:35

58km Women Results

Position Name Time
1Kumi Kato6:38
2Glynnis Wright 8:24

58km Men Results

Position Name Time
1Ken Stacey5:23
2Tony Howes5:58
3Col McLeod6:08

NB: oldest competitor was Tom Peterson 81 years in the 58km event.

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