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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Don Maclurcan's "See Australia Run"

Don Maclurcan's "See Australia Run"

This is not the official webpage for the run - that is available at www.seeaustraliarun.com

CoolRunning Australia has been passed various media releases from a 19 year old runner, Don Maclurcan, who plans to run across Australia, starting 6th January 2002, in order to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation (www.hollows.org)

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a community-based not-for-profit organisation. Through skills training programs and the development of new technologies, The Foundation builds sustainable local capacity to prevent and treat avoidable blindness in developing countries. It also works as a catalyst for improving the health of indigenous Australians. To date, The Foundation and its supporters have helped more than half a million people all over the world to see again.

All the latest from Donnie is presented below in chronological order (newest first) - keep scrolling down for older news.

4th March 2002
Message from Donnie : run across Oz approaching Sydney
Dear friends,

I write with pleasure in the final days of my run across Australia. The journey has been an amazing experience for myself and the ever-expanding number of crew.

With Sydney in our sights we are able to confirm our finish date of March 13th, 11:00am at the Sydney Opera House Steps. With strict regulations enforced by the Opera House Committee we will be unable to host music, however we will have several noteable Australian's in attendance and the day is set to be memorable.

Please feel free to bring family and friends along to a day which will celebrate the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation, Year Of The Outback and highlight the beauty of our nation.

For anybody wishing to contact the crew or myself (perhaps wishing to join us on the final strides in from Liverpool!) please phone: 0402 842 136 (Justin).

There have been many updates through our website and new photos have been posted.

Thanking you for your continual support.
Don and the 'see Australia' team - www.seeaustraliarun.com

29th December 2001
Message from Donnie : Last Update
Dear Friends,

A final note before my crew and I head to Perth this Thursday, 3rd Jan.

I will still leave Perth Jan. 6th, with the official start at the Bell Tower at 9am. The unnoficial start will be at 10am the day before (5th) at Cottesloe Beach SLSC.

Our mobile contact number from Perth to Norseman and then again from where we may pick up reception around the middle of SA is: 0421521211. Or correspondence may be addressed to 14 Morphett Cres. Bateman, 6150, Perth, until departure on the 6th.

We have secured a satellite phone for the remote areas of the run, thus updates should be quite frequent – so stay tuned. Plans are for a map of Oz on the website with a big black ‘X’ marking the spot of my position. Don’t get too concerned if it is apparently not moving…

Please continue to visit and tell others about the site for the benefit of The Fred Hollows Foundation and those with curable blindness. I also urge you to visit the Year of The Outback site – www.outback2002.com to learn of the celebrations in place to honour beautiful, vast rural Australia.

All the best for 2002 and a prayer for those affected by fire.

Don Maclurcan

20th December 2001
Message from Donnie : Penultimate Thanks & Thoughts
Dear Friends,

Sincere thanks for your support and consideration over the past five months for myself and The Fred Hollows Foundation. We have started well with nearly $6000 raised, hopefully restoring sight to many hundreds. Be proud that you made that difference…

I read a disturbing fact the other day. After one contracts cataract blindness in a developing nation, the average amount of years before death is 4 - and it is not as if only the elderly become cataract blind. Shows how important hope is. We are that hope.

But the long road lies ahead…

Run preparations are progressing well. The time for talk is now over – I must get out there and ‘eat some pain’. For the run’s commencement details, information is best found through the ‘latest news’ link on the web page - www.seeaustraliarun.com. This link also has plenty of new information that will be updated regularly, with thoughts from Pat Farmer and Gabi Hollows.


Wishing you a safe and peaceful Christmas break and looking forward to catching up after the run for a QLD.

Don Maclurcan

P.S. I have, as a late auction item, a 3 month Fitness First Membership, valid until 31st May, 2002 at any centre. Half of the proceeds will go to The Fred Hollows Foundation with the rest hopefully aiding the hire of a satellite phone. If people can contact me before Christmas at this address if they would like to place a bid – My brother has offered $50!

15th November 2001
Message from Donnie :
Dear friends,

After a great deal of work in conjunction with my web-designer, the official site for my run can be viewed at www.seeaustraliarun.com. Updated regularly it will be a source for the run’s progress, with simple ways in which to contribute money to The Fred Hollows Foundation whilst allowing recognition for sponsors.

The greatest contribution you could all make would be by forwarding this web-address to as many people as you can and in turn get them to pass it on.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy the site and the story behind the run, as it stands and as it unfolds.


21st October 2001
Message from Donnie :
My run is officially raising money for The Fred Hollows Foundation. The organisation is progressing well but not without the expected hassles. The run will be 3928km give or take 50 km. This means over 85km a day to break the record. My new email address will be donmaclurcan@hotmail.com
10th October 2001
Message from Donnie :

Many people have expressed a wish to donate money to my run. A 24 hr donation line for The Fred Hollows Foundation exists at: 1800 352 352, however, I will have a receipt book by the end of this week, and money through me will be easier to track. All donations over $2 are tax deductable and cheques can be made to: The Fred Hollows Foundation. They can be sent to my address at 13 Reginald St Mosman, 2088. 100% of the money will go to the FHF, unless otherwise specified.

For those of you who wish to allocate money specifically to the expenses of my run, please note this when sending your cheque. Also note that distribution is a matter entirely for your discretion.

Again, many thanks for the inundation of encouragement and support.

9th October 2001
Message from Donnie :
Good news... Certification to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation has been approved. Furthermore, my run is now an official '2002 year of the outback' event. It can be viewed at www.outback2002.com in the calendar section.

will keep you informed,

1st October 2001
Message from Donnie :
Plans are well underway for my run across Australia, departing Perth Jan 6th - all going to schedule. The 'See Australia' run, will attempt to raise funds for charity, hopefully for The Fred Hollows Foundation. This foundation provides cataract surgery in at least six developing nations, whilst assisting our own indigenous population. They have trained over 500 doctors in sight-restoring operations. I have chosen this organisation because the most memorable aspect of my trip across Australia involved what I saw, not what I felt. If my running can further efforts that give people the chance to see what I have seen, then I find it worthwhile.

I was part of the support crew on the recent Trans-Australia Footrace. They ran a 4700km route (from Perth to Canberra via Melbourne), whilst I plan to head across from Perth to Port Augusta, via Wagga, and finishing in Sydney, making the trip closer to 3760km. To finish on the 22 Feb will require an average daily total of 80km. I realistically plan to arrive in Sydney by 28th Feb, requiring "only" 71 km/day.

I will be holding a formal awareness/fundraising dinner in early December, to which you will all be invited. I am currently extremely busy with the run's logistical implications, support, legalities, and funding. If anyone is interested in providing assistance to organise the dinner or other areas of the run (or would like to crew!), I'd love to hear from you. I'm looking for at least two crew members who can provide their own way to Perth by January. I will cover food and other expenses (though accommodation will be in tents/car) for the remainder of the trip to Sydney, hopefully ending late February. At the moment I'm a fair way behind schedule, but I'll try my hardest to be at that Bell Tower, come early January. With your help this could become a greater reality. Please spread the word to any prospective sponsors. I can be contacted anytime on: (02) 9953-4664, fax: (02) 9953-2411 or at the donmaclurcan@hotmail.com email address.

I hope to have a basic web-page running in the upcoming weeks. I'll keep you all posted.

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