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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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39 Years, 39 Days

39 Years, 39 Days

26th Stage - Highway Stop - Nundroo 73.5 km, 1st Feb 2001

"I am 39 years old today and there are 39 days to the finish in Canberra," said German Stephan Schlett a few minutes before the start in pitch black. Some competitors congratulated him on his birthday and said: "You really picked a fine place for celebrating your birthday." After that the next stage has begun. Some of runners complained about running up the hill right at the beginning.

"I have been dreaming I am at the half of the stage, when the alarm clock rang. What a disappointment. I realised everything is still in front of me," said Paul Every, who runs slower because of the injury. Dušan Mravljehad a fast start, but after five kilometres Anatolij Kruglikov caught and over powered him. The Russian decided for solo running and quickly disappeared from other runner's view-point. Derxen and Mrevlje were running shoulder to shoulder for a long time, but than the Russian has run forward and finished on the second position. It seems that the leader in overall results Kruglikov is playing with other competitors. When he decides to attack, nobody can follow him. Although he has enough advantage he keeps proving that he is currently the best ultramarathon runner in the world.

Japanese Sakurai came to the third position in overall results today. Because of fast running and today’s third position on the stage Mrevlje over powered Hungarian Molnar, who lost his strengths and slipped at the fifth position.

The German train has fallen into pieces. The oldest competitor, Australian George Audley, left "the composition" today. He walked last ten kilometres, but he managed to come to the finish two hours and a half before time limit.


1. Anatoliy Kruglikov, Russia 5.23.15
2. Andrei Derxen, Russia 6.11.33
3. Dusan Mravlje, Slovenia 6.19.52
4. Kaname Sakurai, Japan 6.27.09
5. Wolfgang Schwerk, Germany 6.32.40
6.Mick Francis, Australia 6.42.30
7. Brian Smith, Australia 7.14.53
8. Bobby Brown, Great Britain 7.34.22
9. Paul Every, Australia 8.36.31
10. Georgs Jermolajevs, Latvia 9.05.26
11. Helmut Schieke, Germany 9.10.55
11. Markus Muller, Germany 9.10.55
13. Stefan Schlett, Germany 9.23.49
14. Karl-Heinz Kobus, Germany 9.49.54
15. Mihaly Molnar, Hungary 10.07.44
16. Georga Audley, Australia 10.28.56

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