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Hi Everyone,

A decision has reluctantly been taken to cancel the Bogong to Hotham Run this year.

While the trail itself has so far escaped damage, there are fires currently burning in the Bright-Tawonga-Feathertop area and Parks Victoria has closed the area through which the run takes place. In our view, with the area tinder dry and two thirds of the fire season still ahead of us, it is extremely unlikely that they will re-open the area before 7 January.

We could have waited longer to make this decision, and would have done so if the odds had been more in our favour. But with Christmas upon us and only 2-1/2 weeks to go, we felt it important to make a decision now. We could also have deferred the event until a later time. However, deferring it to say 4 February would still see us slap bang in the middle of the bush fire season, with the strong probability we'd have to cancel it again. Any later than that and we're clashing with some significant events like Six Foot and Trailwalker, or getting into the autumn which carries unacceptable risks from a weather point of view.

Most runners will now wish to cancel their accommodation. The accommodation providers in the area have been hard hit by this fire, so we'd appreciate you contacting them as soon as possible to advise them of your intentions.

A number of proposals have been considered regarding entry fees, including donating the money to the CFA or other charities or to the B-H Run itself. On balance, we think the best approach is to refund the entry fees to those who paid them, less a small deduction to cover the expenses we've incurred so far. That way individuals can make their own decisions regarding donations to charities. You should have your refunds by the middle of January.

It is very disappointing to have to cancel the event. However, putting it into perspective against the problems faced by the people living in the fire area and the fire fighters who are working hard to protect life and property, ours is a light burden to carry.

Thanks you all for your understanding.


Mike Grayling and John Lindsay

19th Dec 2006

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