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Also called the Dusk to Dawn Relay

6 Hour Solo and 12hour solo results are listed here as a ms-excel spreadsheet.

Relay results and solo split times are listed here as a pdf file.

There is a thread on CoolRunning here.

Race Director's Report

As the start time got closer the Historical Village began to fill up similar to market day in a small village. With tents, sleeping apparel and marques popping up at track side and many people preparing for the night ahead.

Prior to the start a few introductions & welcomes were made to our interstate visitors & our Canadian couple. After a short speech from Roger, President of the Society, he handed over to Greg Chippendale, Councilor for the division who started the event at 6pm Saturday the 10th , with the traditional cow bell.

I believe we set two records this year, one with larges registered competitors and two with the heaviest & longest rainfall. We had 127 entries, up from 105 in 2006, with 56 of them on the track till midnight and from midnight to dawn were 19. Solo representation was down but relay support had increases. Thanks for that has to go to Moreton Bay Road Runners & Intraining for both their strong support with teams. The heavy rain accompanied with lighting may have dampened some lapscorers & scared a few runners off the track for a short period but spirits returned high for the temperature had reduced making running conditions far more pleasurable. Wet footwear created some blisters, but these people were tough and continued around the track at some incredible pace drying the track with each stride.

In the 6 Hour Relay 3x2hrs Teams, strength & youth showed through with the Under 30's winning in accumulating 86.71klms, followed in second place Ding Dong Bells with 82.74klms & Toowoomba Leftovers 81.26klms.

The 2x3hrs relay obviously longer & tougher for each member, was won by The Barth Bells Team with 66.61klms closed followed by Roasted & Toasted 63.62klms.

In the solo 6 hour 6pm – midnight event, Brisbane's Adam Barron winner of last years 12 hour, won with 69.37klms, followed by Toowoomba doctor Roger Guard 63.64klms. Who said women aren't tough, Theresa Fabian kept all the men aware of her presence with a great run of 60.32klms to be the first lady crossing & to split the second from the third placed NSW man Kim Cook with 59.19klms. Brisbane based ladies Angie Gratton was second 53.71klms with Liz Novotny with 49.33klms.

With the six hour competitors exiting serious running & tactics were beginning to show. A new event experimented this year was the 6 hour midnight to 6am event. This was chosen for those who thought the coolness of the coming morning maybe more pleasant running. It created one problem for the the time keeper, as in having to wait till the whole event had finished to arrived at the fastest 50klm winners. We were fortunate in one competitor entering at midnight & he was on a mission. Darren Byers from Brisbane's Highgate Hill took the Qld 50klm Championship in 4:06:51 from Adam Barron by less than a lap. Darren went onto win the midnight to 6am event as well with a fabulous run of 67.5klms. It must have been the dry shoes & dampened track.

In the 12Hour Relay 6x2hrs Teams, great representation was from Chris Gale's three Intraining Teams. His Gale force #1 Team took first place accumulating 153.7klms. Separating the Galeforce #2 Team with 144.34klms was the always strong supporter of the Historical Village Dusk to Dawn Event, Toowoomba's Mountain Men just 2klms behind First place with 151.75klms. Great excitement for spectators is always in the speed in which these relay teams circulate the 500metre track in the Historical Village. I ran in this event late in the morning & ended with a sore neck watching my opposites pass me so often. Oh and by the way my lags were sore too.

In the 12Hour Solo, interest was from the beginning with the speed from our Canadian visitor, Thierry Asselin. Everyone was astonished in his ability to keep it up lap after lap & hour after hour. Our own Maroochydore's Nic Moloney must have come with a goal too, for he keep Thierry is sight for the whole event. Although Thierry was not eligible for any Qld Championships he cover 50klms in 4:03:25, faster than Darren Byers in the 6hour event by 3mins. Then went onto run 100klms in 9:21:50, & 124.43klms for the 12hours. Nic on the other hand was & he covered the distances of 50klms in 4:23:32 & 100klms 9:43:09. So Darren Byers in the 6hour event took Qld Champion for 50klms in 4:06:51& Nic Moloney took the 100klms Champion in 9:43:09 & also continued till the 12th hour to achieve 121.61klms. Until conformation I believe Thierry's distance will be an all time record & Nic's distance will be a Queensland & Australian record for this venue.

Kelvin Marshall of Victoria was third overall. His 50klm run of 4:24:16 , 100klm in 10:09:07 & total for 12 hours was 115.65klms.

Ron Schwebel of NSW unfortunately did not disclose his DOB, but in believing he to be considerably senior to the place getters, Ron ran very well & only half a k behind Kelvin to achieve 114.10klms.

Bruce Webber was our only walker, achieving 80.11klms.


Tamyka Bell was our first lady home with 76.16klms, a great achievement but unfortunately short of her PB set in 2006.

Tina Fiegel was second lady with a great distance of 61.5klms. Both ladies had recently completed a tough Gold Coast event, so well done to both.

I would like to congratulate the eight competitors who reach 100klms and then pushed on to record PB's. I would to conclude in thanking my wife for all her hours put into this event & Michael Schultz for keeping time & the running of the updates on the laptop & finalizing the placings. Also to the competitors for entering for far & near by. For the lapscorers paid & unpaid, thanks for helping in the success of this 13th event. The supporters & donators of random prises. Healthworld for the hundreds of dollars worth of electrolyte products supplied for the comfort of the competitors Caboolture's Own 101.5fm for free to air announcements, 12hourly updates, & the 50klm & 100klm trophies. Micro Ed for setting up my laptop to record times & placings of each competitor. CJ'S Pastries in donating snacks for the lapscorers Woolworths Morayfield your donation of beverages & fruits for competitors & lapscorers. Caboolture Camping, donating random prises Os Sports Morayfield, Julie Perkins for your professional touch with trophies. Hennessey's Bananas your supply of watermelons helped hydrate the competitors. Caboolture RSL & Districts Services Memorial Club for your support in donating random prises. Councilor Chippendale for your time taken in starting this 13th event. Thank you all for having faith in this 13th Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn Event Hope to see the competitors, lapscorers, helpers & business supporters in 2008,

Thank you

Geoffrey Williams

Race Director

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