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Cliff Young Six Day Race President Bill Sutcliffe announced today that the Colac Six Day Race which had been cancelled again this year because of insufficient volunteers to run the Race, is now definitely on. Bill stated that “there has been a real answer to prayer following recent publicity about the Race.” “The great need was for someone in Colac to head the Race up – To drive it forward – To form a new committee and bring in new, fresh blood – To be a good net-worker for both volunteers and sponsorship. Someone has now come forward with a passion for the Race and expertise to manage it and take it forward.”

Ged Edwards, who is a longstanding resident of Colac, and who has been heavily involved in Sports administration, service organisations, and local business, has offered to form a new committee and manage the Race. Bill and existing committee members have accepted that offer. Although Ged is prepared to include existing committee members on a new committee, Bill and his wife Bev will not be standing for election, although some existing committee members will be. Bill and Bev will be advisors to Ged during the transition period and as long as necessary.

There will be meeting of the existing Race committee this coming Sunday to finalise affairs, and the following Sunday there will be a meeting to elect a new committee and a new executive. “I am very excited and very encouraged about these new developments”, Bill said. “As I have said so many times, the Cliff Young Six Day Race is iconic. It belongs to Colac. Perhaps there is some selfishness in this. Now I can settle down and train, and perhaps have a good run in the Race myself, without the distraction of working on infrastructure until early in the morning of the Race! Long live the Race!”

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