Maroondah Dam Trail Run cancelled for 2007


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I am sorry to announce that given the current weather forecast predicted for Sunday February 18th, we have no other choice except to postpone this weekends AURA Maroondah Dam trail run.

The main reason for the postponement, besides the race’s integrity and long term future, is the wellbeing of all the competitors, volunteers and emergency services personal. With this weeks temperatures above 30c and lighting activity forecast there is a very real fire danger predicted for this weekend.

If a fire was to occur during the event, evacuating the participants from the course would be very difficult, if not impossible, because of the lack of access and escape route choices.

Other reasons, just as important to consider, is the wellbeing of all concerned. 38 degrees for those left on the course after midday will be no fun and could prove to be quite detrimental to ones health. Heat exhaustion is a dangerous condition and could turn into a life threatening situation that nobody wants.

Entry fees will be returned to all those that have included a self addressed envelop. If you wish still wish to participate in the event at the postponement date, (rescheduled AURA Maroondah Dam trail run has a penciled in date of late March, but still needs to be confirmed), please indicate via email/phone and your entry and monies will be retained for that date. Those that have sent a money order I am happy to keep your entry open for your place on the new date.

The decision to postpone this weekend’s event was after a lot of deliberation and discussions with Parks Vic and AURA’s Kevin Cassidy. As this is a voluntary run, non profit event with all monies going back to AURA (which is not much after expenses) we are able to put the wellbeing of the competitors and all those involved first.

Mark Mex

Race Director


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