Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane Race Announced


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Australian Ultra Runners in conjunction with an events and media team headed by Mr Brett Hogan is pleased to announce that it is planning a major intra-city race.

Unlike the famous Sydney-Melbourne races of the eighties, this race will be a staged race rather than a continuous race. The athletes will run a predetermined distance each day, resting overnight and then continuing to the next designated destination the following day. The times will be aggregated over the duration of the event, expected to be of approx 44 days’ duration (approx 2860km total). The reasons for this are partly commercial and partly for safety reasons, it being preferable to conduct the race during daylight hours only.

It is expected that schools will be involved, it being a principal aim of the event to impart the message that running promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is tentatively expected to conduct the race in the third semester of 2009.

It is envisaged that the runners would total 15 in number and would be selected half from Australia and half from overseas. It is anticipated that runners would need to establish their credentials by contesting an appropriate multi day race, such as the Cliff Young Colac 6 day race.

It is expected that major sponsorship will be forthcoming, as major advertising opportunities will be available. It is expected that the race highlights will be televised each day similar to the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally. This will facilitate the runners being provided with motor home accommodation en route and the payment of significant prize money.

The website will carry real time updates and will showcase the athletes and the towns along the route. The race and its publicity machine will provide major tourism advertising opportunities.

Naturally the staging of the event is dependent on gaining the support and necessary approvals from the Federal and various State Governments.

Should we be successful in organising this race, it will be the longest and toughest footrace of its type in the world.

Ian Cornelius

President, Australian Ultra Runners

2 February 2007

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