Pat Farmer climbs high for ovarian cancer


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Former ultra-marathon runner and federal Liberal MP Pat Farmer will come out of retirement to try to break his own world record for the steepest, fastest, vertical climb.

Mr Farmer will try to run more than 101,939 stairs inside Sydney's Centrepoint Tower over 24 hours - the equivalent of running to the peak of Mount Everest in a day.

The world record attempt will try to raise $1 million for ovarian cancer research.

Health Minister Tony Abbott will also join the run but is only aiming for 50,000 stairs.

Mr Farmer said he had decided to join the fundraising effort after hearing that woman died every ten hours from ovarian cancer.

"I will hurt for 24 hours (and possibly the week afterwards) but after 24 hours my pain is over," Mr Farmer said.

"For a lot of Australian women ovarian cancer is unfairly a life sentence. It's a small sacrifice to make - and these women are suffering - I am asking all of Australia to support this event."

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