QLD runner Ken Carter takes on Gobi Desert


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Queensland Ultra Marathon Runner KEN CRTER will compete in the GOBI CHALLENGE ULTRA MARATHON starting in Dalandzadgad, Mongolia tomorrow morning (Friday 29th June, 2007).

Covering a distance of over 230km in 7 days, the course travels through the treacherous Gobi Desert. Ken will endure blistering daytime heat and freezing night winds as he negotiates enormous sand dunes, rocky desert plains and even an ice gorge hidden deep within a mountain range.

In doing so he will be embarking on an adventure which will push him to his mental, physical and emotional limits. It won't be an easy ride, however it will be a tremendous challenge and an unforgettable adventure. While competing in the challenge, Ken is hoping to raise awareness for WILDLIFE WARRIORS, the charity set up by the late wildlife adventurer Steve Irwin.

Ken's website can be viewed at http://www.kensgobichallenge.bravehost.com

Ken would be happy to talk to the media about his adventure.

For details please contact Cam Carter on 0438-141-214 or email kensgobi@yahoo.com.

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