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Most Ultra Runners in Australia are aware that the sport can only continue when there are enough people to help put on races for our benefit - and to that end one of the aims of AURA is to help current and potential Race Directors put on successful races.

David Criniti has initated a project to compile as much useful information regarding race management, and the eventual aim is to use this as a standard for all AURA-sanctioned races :

"...Contained within these pages are chapters relating to official policies of the Australian Ultra Runners Association (AURA), which must be adhered to in order for your event to be ratified as an official AURA event. Other chapters contain advice on ‘best-practice’, which is the result of feedback from ultra-runners and race directors from around Australia..."

It is currently in draft format, and so any feedback, help or assitance is most welcome, and can be sent to David at dcriniti@bigpond.net.au.

Download the DRAFT Race Director's Handbook here in MS-WORD format

More info for ultramarathon race directors:

  • The CoolRunning website has a good page of resources for Australian Race Directors here
  • An email discussion list was started in December 2002, specifically for Ultramarathon Race Directors - check it out here
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