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Dear All,

RETIREMENT - Stan Miskin.

It is with regret , that acting on advice from my cardiologist, I announce my retirement from competition as an Ultra-marathoner and Centurion walker.

In doing so , I hereby thank and pay tribute to all those wonderful people who have made my sport possible over many years by organising, staging and supporting events, and encouraging me over many years.

I particularly thank Ellwyn who has always supported me so well, and I am pleased to advise that she has commenced stage 2 of her cardiac recovery program following quadruple by-pass surgery on 13th October. She is progressing well and is expected to make a good recovery.

Whilst I am disappointed that the opportunity to try for further records is denied, I am very proud of my past achievements.

Our friends in the Ultra-marathon and Centurion communities may be assured that we shall retain our interest, attend meetings and socials, assist at events and even stroll around for the odd lap or two (if permitted) at some events.

We wish all of you our very best for the future, and for the competitors, may the track be always downhill for your future events.

Stan Miskin.

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